Rta’s error

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yesterday Rta announced that formule foot would be diffused at 9 o’clock and a few minutes later a second spot said that it will be evasion who will be diffused at 9 o’clock.

getting started with 3d

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The first thing you need when you first start 3d is to find the ideal computer since a powerfull computer will give you more inspiration about things to create.The ideal computer for a begindering a scene with mental ray or other powerfull rendering engine.The graphic card should have a memory higher than 128 Mo to make things running in real time when you are modeling or animating ,and this also activate some specical settings in some software like for example 3ds max’s direct X shader or Maya’s real time fluid effect display.That is the ideal computer that a beginer needs now a days to start 3d

Hello world!

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